@taylorswift13: Apparently my only way of dealing with a remote control that isn't working right is to bang it on the table and scream 'COME ON!'

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We have absolutely loved spending time in your town. And you have been so amazing to us, I mean, you guys know every single word and you've danced this entire night. And it means the world to me and every single person you see on stage. Thank you!

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“The idea that Taylor Swift is teaching her preteen fans to focus their lives only on chasing boys is completely false. She is actually a fantastic example of a strong, professionally-independent woman: she writes all her own songs, she’s smart, she’s creative, and she is completely unashamed to be who she is. We need to remember that being girly or wanting to find romantic love does not make a young woman weak or somehow inferior.” —


I want this tattooed on my body

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She just looks completely mesmerized

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caradelevingne@taylorswift chopping off her locks (x)

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I can’t decide if it’s a choice, getting swept away;

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Glamour HQ

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